Beautiful Bermuda

What may have once been considered a cliché beach destination, Bermuda is now emerging as a luxurious haven to discover historic and contemporary attractions. Discovered in the early 1500s, the islands of Bermuda have a rich and vibrant culture, and are surrounded by a lively coral reef, waiting to be explored.

Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Bermuda archipelago is the definition of secluded paradise, and, according to Travel + Leisure, it is quickly one of “the world’s most easy-to-visit destinations.”

Tourism is flourishing on this group of islands of only ~70,000 residents. Businesses are innovating to augment the visitors’ experience. From the new, luxurious St. Regis Bermuda Resort to the local dining scene to getting around the island on electric vehicles, Bermuda is standing out from the crowd.

Set at one point of the “Devil’s Triangle,” this destination is for thrill-seekers elated to scuba dive this well-known area to unravel the mysteries of a multitude of plane crashes and shipwrecks. Looking for more to get your adrenaline pumping? Bermuda offers world-class cliff jumping and deep-sea fishing, which will surely fill you with delight.

Although, there isn’t a direct flight from Canada to the island known for its rose-coloured sand beaches, they have built the new, state-of-the-art L.F. Wade International Airport with direct flights from North Carolina, U.S.A., and London, England. You’ll be on your cruise in no time!

Beautiful Bermuda and Charleston

This 11-day journey aboard the Celebrity Cruise ship will take you to Bermuda; Cape Liberty, NJ; Newport, RI; and Charleston, SC. The East Coast of the United States is famous for its historic mansions—home to Jay Leno—built in the late 19th century and dramatic seaside cliffs.