Travelling for pleasure is always exhilarating, especially when the weather turns frigid. What better feeling is there than leaving a foot of snow behind you and landing a few hours later on a warm beach?

There’s always one bottleneck that dwindles that excitement: the airport.

Why is the airport such a fun sucker? The hours of enduring the sterile and stern environment of rigid security personnel and long queues are not the only way to get to your destination. With a bit of thinking outside the box and proper allocation of resources, the airport can be a luxurious experience on it’s own. Every airport is different and offers different levels of quality, experience, and service.

The real question is, what is your comfort and excitement worth to you?

Here are three ways to keep enthusiasm high getting through the airport:


Nexus Card1. NEXUS Card

The NEXUS Card, a type of Border Crossing Card, confirms that you are a “trusted traveler,” and is useful for travelers who frequently cross the U.S./Canadian border. After a thorough application process and a fee ($50 CAD) for a 5-year membership, NEXUS members benefit at the airport: a dedicated queue for security check, and expedited clearance at customs. This card can save up to 30 minutes of wait time in the security queue alone!




First Class Lounge

2. First Class Lounge

Admission to a lounge at the airport may be one of the highlights of your voyage. First Class Lounges can range from a secluded section of the airport to an entire terminal that even allows direct boarding. These comfortable lounges offer several benefits: opulent accommodations, gourmet cuisine, world-class massages and spas, luxury brand shops, slumber rooms, and more. Some lounges may offer plane to lounge escort services. There is only one catch: you must hold a first class airline ticket with that airline to access the corresponding lounge.

It may be worth the price of a first-class ticket in Dubai just to experience the Emirates First Class Lounge, one of the largest in the world; at a brisk pace, it takes 20 minutes to walk the length of the terminal lounge!


Gateway VIP

3. Gateway VIP

This personal concierge service gives you priority access from the moment you step onto the curb at the airport. This service provides several advantages to expedite the tedious airport nuisances with professional assistance: advanced check-in and boarding pass, access to VIP lounges, escort to the boarding gate and through security and immigration, and more. This service can also assist with any connection or rebooking arrangements, or seating assignment.

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